thumb|300px|right "Electroshock" is the first single by 3OH!3 released in 2007. This song is taken off of the album 3OH!3.

Music VideoEdit

The music video is shot in a hospital room in which it seems that Sean is very sick. Nat nervously paces the room. When the song starts, Sean starts to sing and Nat becomes excited. Another scene in the video is Sean and Nat fighting each other in a dark room. Nat is in a cigarette costume while another person is in a heart costume. This suggests that Sean was dying from smoking. After Sean awakes all of the doctors come in and a dance scene breaks out.Then Nat starts operating on Sean. This mocks the board game Operation in which Nat pulls many unusual objects from Sean's body. Back in the costume scene, Nat comes in as a hand costume. He now fights the cigarette. In the operation scene it shows Nat pull out a cigarette. This suggests the costume scene was actually the inside of Sean's body.